"I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for He is right beside me." Psalm 16:8

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

lucky pencils: check, encouraging stickers: check

Well bloggers, it's that day- the day our summer will begin!!! 

It still hasn't occurred to us yet that summer will begin in T-minus 3 hours (and counting)! 

Last night, well...there no words to describe last night.  Word of warning: if you wait until the night before your last final to study an entire semester of material, you will in fact study for 10+hours and be completely delirious by the time you decide to crawl in bed -probably scoring about an 11 on the Glascow Coma Scale (aka a test of the level of consciousness).  Lets just say we are glad that it is done and we've gotten much needed sleep to be able to do well on our final final today!  

A quick recap of this insane week of 3rd semester finals: first was the Psych final and second was the Gero final (or was we like to say- chronologically gifted.)  Both of these went well and we are glad we can now say that they are over!!!   

It's crazy to think back on everything this semester has entailed and to see how far we have come.  There were many hurdles standing in our way, but we were able to take them all on -and we know none of this would have been possible without Jesus by our side every step of the way! :] We are very grateful to see this semester come to an end!! And we look forward to starting our next adventure filled with many new memories in August!

Armed and ready with our lucky pencils, encouraging stickers, scantrons, and a peace of mind.  Wish us luck! 

love, your summer lovin' bloggers- 
Aimee and Kelly

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