"I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for He is right beside me." Psalm 16:8

Monday, November 7, 2011

smack dab in the middle.... of the semester!

Wanna know what we are doing right now?!  Lounging on a comfy couch, compliments of PJs, with our feet propped up on a table, waiting for OB lecture to commence.  
 ...it's nice... :] 

In other good news, we just both passed our LAST dosage exam EVER!!!! -Praise the Lamb!

And now, a special edition of... 
Driving Mishap of the Semester: 
We recently discovered that we still don't know our way around Baton Rouge.  As evidenced by ending up miles away from school driving cluelessly in the opposite direction.  -you just had to be there...it makes for a good laugh now!  Later that day, while on our way home from school, there just so happened to be a diesel spill causing the entire interstate to be shut down.  After being parked on the interstate for 30 minutes, and nearly losing our minds, we made the executive decision to drive OFF an ON RAMP!  We were never so thankful to have broken the law in our lives!  Needless to say, we were kissing the concrete when we finally got out of the car that day! 
A newly discovered procrastination method is currently the obsession of our lives... one word: PINTEREST!! If we fail out of nursing school, this will be the culprit.  Please don't judge; you know you are guilty too! 

What's that? , you're still waiting on an update about our ICU Tech positions?! ...Yea, so are we.. hold tight a little longer.  Hopefully we will hear something SOON!! -Nursing students can only wait so long before going crazy! 
NCF Update: We are currently hosting a 50/50 raffle in support of God's Littlest Angels, an orphanage in Haiti!  We are very excited about helping such a great cause! 
Well, we are off to get some brain food before having to endure another lecture! 
Wish us luck! 
Love your  hungry and hopeless BR driving bloggers!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

top ten recent happenings!

Well hello there lovely blog readers!  We know it's been a while but we are back with the latest happenings in our nursing world.  

Starting off with # 10:
We each assumed an officer position in NCF at the last meeting!  Aimee is el presidente and Kelly is the community service chairmen!  We are both very excited about these new roles of ours and everything we have planned for the semester! -stay tuned for updates! 

# 9: 
We finished our peds clinical rotation and had a really cool visitor on the unit named Max! 
Max brought alot of smiles to the unit! :] 

WE SURVIVED THE NCLEX LADY (aka we passed Peds lecture)!! Praise the Lord!! 

We were so inspired by our peds clinical instructor, that we took an afternoon and painted her a canvas that reminded us of her as a gift!  
<1 Peter 3:4 was the verse we painted on the canvas> 

Two of our friends got married on the first weekend in October, and we had an awesome time at the wedding ... zydeco band and all! 

Congrats Hans and Becca!! 

So, with all this fall weather quickly approaching we have discovered a delicious and simple scone mix... seasonal flavor: pumpkin spice and cinnamon raisin!! yum! 

On our last day of peds clinical, we went to a local school for health promotion day.  We taught the 1st and 2nd graders about the importance of healthy food choices and exercise... via a puppet show! 
Meet our friends Billy and Anna!  
We recently applied for a Nurse Tech positions on the ICU at a local hospital!  We are anxiously and excitedly awaiting to hear if we got the positions!  :] 
In our latest coffee news, we have recently discovered the magic of Chai!! It's so delicious and you should totally try some!! ...it's like Christmas in a cup -now that's magical! 
In a few short weeks, we will be scheduling for our very LAST semester of nursing school/college!! This is so surreal to us but yet bittersweet! Needless to say we are very excited!  
We love you and hope you have a fantastic week! 
love your baby-loving bloggers! 
-Aimee and Kelly 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Nursing Student Anthem

Nursing Students are in PJs tonight
Everybody just have a good time
And you might even lose your mind
Studying all the time

Nursing Students are in clinical tonight
Everybody trying to give meds on time
And you could even give Digibind
Gonna be charting all the time

Everyday I'm studyin'
Studyin', studyin' 

...So as I was studying today, I automatically started rewriting the words to the Party Rock Anthem in my head.  It's sad, but true.  Everyday I am studying (or at least it feels that way) hahaha.  

I know it's been a while since we've blogged, but I promise we will make it up to you in our next post.  Which will come very soon! : ]  
Farewell for now wonderful blog readers! 

ps- you might find a youtube rendition of this 
Nursing Student Anthem in the near future! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

a term for the books


So far this semester, we have gotten to do and see so much! Peds clinical has by far been one of our favorites!  Having a teacher that is so passionate about what she does and lives for has made a huge difference on our experiences in clinical.  We both agree that we have learned so much more than just skills and knowledge but life lessons that we will carry with us throughout our nursing career.  

In just a few weeks, we will sadly be leaving our peds rotation and moving on to OB..oh the wonder.  Our clinical will be in Baton Rouge and we are looking forward to helping bring new littles into the world.  :] 

We have a pretty big peds test this Wednesday and quite frankly ready to get it over with! Sheesh.... NCLEX Lady...  

In other news, we have been trying out other study locations such as different PJs and Books-A-Million.  We love trying out these new study abodes for it is a nice change of scenery.  
And even other exciting news: -drum-roll please-
Your local Nurse's Christian Fellowship chapter is coming back to life!  We are very excited about getting involved on campus and in the community both as student nurses and believers.  Our next meeting is a week from today and we will be electing officers and discussing opportunities we want to invest in.  We will surely keep you updated on this new adventure of ours! 
Well lovely blog readers, we gotta get ready to roll out!  Yay for quality time and long commutes!  Have a Marvelous Monday! 

Love your bubbly bloggers -Kelly and Aimee-       :]

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday night dates

Well readers, it's just another typical Friday night.  I'm spending time with Ball & Bindler and Wong.  Can I just say that these guys are lousy dates!  Sheesh!  They don't even know how to buy my PJs .... dates these days...  hahaa  :]  anywho, enough about my non-existent social life

This week hasn't been much of an exciting one.  Just the mundane seemingly endless commutes, late nights spent studying,  5am wake up calls for clinical, and just your typical nursing school frustrations in between.  
This weekend will be spent with our noses in the books, studying for our next peds exam.  

Hopefully soon we will update you on life (or lack there of)! 

Have a happy weekend faithful blog readers! 
-Aimee, Ball &Bindler, and Wong-  

Friday, September 9, 2011

simple smiles and magic bubbles

This week my clinical group was encouraged to think about how an ordinary nurse can do something extraordinary.  As this resonated with me in clinical this week, I was thinking on the broader spectrum of things- more heroic.  And then, without even realizing it, I learned how to do just this - how to go beyond ordinary in the smallest of things.  These small things may consist of stickers, coloring pages, stuffed animals, video games, fish, and lastly bubbles (in pediatrics, they are seriously like magic)  :]  I've realized that as a nursing student -especially in pediatrics- I can get so caught up in trying to do the "nurse-y" things and forget about how important it is to recognize the smallest of needs in the little ones.  I've realized how traumatic it is for a toddler to have to be hospitalized, and how much I can do as a nurse to ease that fear.  It made my day just to see my precious little one compose the smallest of smile.  Today I felt that rewarding feeling, the one that makes all the studying and paperwork and lack of a social life (hahaa) worth every minute of it.  Today I was proud to be a nursing student, knowing that even while I am still writing SLUSN behind my name, I have the power to make a difference in a child's life.      

Love y'all!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


 So after our insanely hard exam today, we can rest assured that we have learned at least one thing...

....we finally found the "NCLEX Lady" !!!! For those of you Hurst Reviewers out there, you know what I'm talking about. 

For the rest of you lovely blog readers, look forward to a post coming soon! :]

Friday, August 26, 2011

comforting reminders

What a busy week it has been!! It was our first week back in clinicals and we went into it full force.  It's been -by far- my favorite first week of clinicals yet! I love Peds so much!! In the past two days of clinical, I have had so much experience already and gained a vast amount of new nursing knowledge :]  -I even started an IV on an infant!  Through my experiences this week I was both physically and emotionally drained. I was also reminded of several things because of these life experiences.  The first being that as a Peds nurse, every shift is an opportunity to give a precious child unconditional love; to know that at least during my shift, they are well loved and cared for.  I was reminded of the unconditional love that God shows us, and that because of that love we are able to love others unconditionally- no matter what.  Lastly, I was reminded that although we may not have family who necessarily look out for our best interests, we have an Abba Father.  Who meets our every need.  Who is standing there with open, loving arms to hold us and keep us safe when no one else is there.  ... and this is where I find my comfort tonight.  

Love, Aimee 

"I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me.  Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows.  But take heart, because I have overcome the world." John 16:33    

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

pancake parties, pediatrics, and poster boards

It's the start of a new semester! YAY for Pediatrics and OB!!

To kick of this semester, we had a pancake night at Kelly's house! Complete with banana blueberry pancakes and quality time with friends! :]  

We started our first week last Wednesday with Skills lab and Pediatric lecture in Baton Rouge! -welcome back to our life 6 AM commutes!  It was so great to be reunited again with all of our nursing buddies and exchange stories about our wonderful nursing schoolless summers.  

Thursday we went to our Peds clinical hospital orientation.  We did a scavenger hunt on the unit to get comfortable with all the new equipment and surroundings (complete with full collections of DVDs and video games).  Our wonderful clinical teacher told us that "having stickers in your pocket this semester will be just as important as having your stethoscope!" -from this moment on we knew it was gonna be a great semester!

Friday we went to a local daycare to get comfortable with assessment and interaction with children of all ages!  We'd say that's a pretty great start to clinical :]

This weekend we have been resting up and starting to study already! 

-out with the notecards and in with the poster boards-

We are looking forward to blogging about our upcoming, adventure filled semester! 

We've missed you dearly fellow blog readers! See ya soon! 

Love, Kelly and Aimee

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

well hello there summer!!

Well blog readers, as you can see we have survived the dreaded 3rd semester aka hardest semester of nursing school!! We could not be more excited!!!!  We decided that for our last blog of the semester we would share some of our bittersweet memories with you.  This semester has by far been our favorite!!  Here are some of our favorite memories!

We were both pretty nervous about having to start IVs -but more nervous about being stuck with an IV during skills lab.  We both survived the sticking part and successfully learned how to start an IV!! :] 
-please note in the right lower box, our make-shift skills lab kitchen set up! 

One day while on a quest for coffee to get us through a long night of studying, our lovely GPS brought us to the CC's local distribution center.  Needless to say if the local grocery store is out of CC's coffee we know where to go.  On the bright side, we did eventually find our coffee :] 

This is a picture of us on our last day of Med-Surg clinicals.  As you can tell, we were both still asleep.  Though we are very thankful to be done with careplans, paperwork, and early morning clinicals, we sure do miss all of our precious patients! :] 

Remember how we started off our Spring Break with some swing dancing?! That was such a fun night!  It was most definitely a much needed break away from all of our studying! 

 So this billboard has been the confusion of all semester!  We can't figure out:  A. What a tropical island has to do with breast cancer  B. What do monkeys have to do with breast cancer  C. Most importantly- what is the girl holding on the lower left?? -After much research, we believe that it is a poorly drawn banana... the world may never know.  

 After our final final, we went and returned our textbooks -always such a relief at the end of the semester! After reading the entire book, we grew a little attached to our psych book so of course returning it made us sad.  On the contrary, we were very excited about turning in our Gero book of which we never opened :] 

 This is what we are looking forward to for next semester: Peds and OB!! 

It's a bittersweet moment as this is our last blog of the semester, but we are looking forward to sharing more amazing memories with y'all! 

With much love, your study-free bloggers, 
Aimee and Kelly 

Have a great summer faithful followers!! :]

lucky pencils: check, encouraging stickers: check

Well bloggers, it's that day- the day our summer will begin!!! 

It still hasn't occurred to us yet that summer will begin in T-minus 3 hours (and counting)! 

Last night, well...there no words to describe last night.  Word of warning: if you wait until the night before your last final to study an entire semester of material, you will in fact study for 10+hours and be completely delirious by the time you decide to crawl in bed -probably scoring about an 11 on the Glascow Coma Scale (aka a test of the level of consciousness).  Lets just say we are glad that it is done and we've gotten much needed sleep to be able to do well on our final final today!  

A quick recap of this insane week of 3rd semester finals: first was the Psych final and second was the Gero final (or was we like to say- chronologically gifted.)  Both of these went well and we are glad we can now say that they are over!!!   

It's crazy to think back on everything this semester has entailed and to see how far we have come.  There were many hurdles standing in our way, but we were able to take them all on -and we know none of this would have been possible without Jesus by our side every step of the way! :] We are very grateful to see this semester come to an end!! And we look forward to starting our next adventure filled with many new memories in August!

Armed and ready with our lucky pencils, encouraging stickers, scantrons, and a peace of mind.  Wish us luck! 

love, your summer lovin' bloggers- 
Aimee and Kelly

Saturday, May 7, 2011

wrestling a gorilla AKA studying for finals

Success is a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don't quit when you're tired- you quit when the gorilla is tired. -Robert Strauss
So blog followers, we are pretty sure we are putting ourselves at risk for developing a pressure ulcer r/t excessive pressure on our bony prominences secondary to immense hours of studying without movement.. intervention: ambulate outside in the warm sunshine, STAT! :)
We really need like 100cc praline iced PJs coffee PO stat.. Oh wait, that may put us at risk for GERD r/t excessive amounts of caffeine.. Bad idea.
We are at risk for acute confusion r/t decrease in brain's ability to hold any more of this massive amount of information secondary to dumb nursing school finals :]
There have been some c/o LOFA (loss of functional ability) R/T this massive amt. of notes for finals.  In desperate need of ii cups of coffee PO STAT please! :]
But most importantly, we are at risk for Knowledge, Deficient: Gero class r/t inability to focus and study the chronologically gifted final exam notes secondary to uncontrollable state of excitement about summer!! :]

With much love, 
Your brain-dead bloggers
-Aimee and Kelly