"I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for He is right beside me." Psalm 16:8

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'd rather be...

So while we were about to lose our minds in a very non-interesting lecture, we decided to make a list of things we would rather be doing.  Enjoy:

I'd rather be:
at the beach laying in the sun
riding the biggest roller coaster
snuggled by the fire...drinking yummy coffee/tea :] 
taking a hot bubble bath
eating some sushi
in Haiti 
visiting Florida Hospital for Children & then Disney World
at CC's 
shooting a gun
playing Yahtzee
gator huntin'
writing my paper
finding a journal article...and writing a summary
driving home
eating rocks
singing "Whole Enchilada" ...while wearing sombreros and Mexican staches 
giving a bed bath
sitting through skills lab 
looking a a pressure ulcer...stage 4 (BARF)
talking to Brenda..if she answers
cutting the grass...with scissors
standing in a blizzard in shorts...next to a polar bear...that's hungry
walking in the Sahara Desert barefoot with no hat or sunscreen
drinking burnt coffee with no creamer (GROSS)
swimming with sharks
[..lastly, our favorite] 
bear-hugging a cactus...naked 

...well we better pay attention in this brain dissolving cardiac lecture!
Have a good day lovely blog readers!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

fireside Friday

So we have realized one very important thing: tomorrow marks 3 months until graduation...yes, from college!  This is insane and unfathomable to us right now considering how much we have to do before then.  

Last night we had a fun little sleepover/paperwork party. -note sleepover=fun, paperwork party does not-.  We had every intention to go to a fun Mardi Gras parade, but the wet cold rain had other intentions.  Knowing we could not jeopardize our health for the sake of a few beads and a moonpie, we stuck to the fireplace instead.  :]  
...and what a cozy night of a paperwork party it was!  

...until we completely crashed...
...paperwork induced coma... 

The only antidote for this coma of ours is the -drumroll please- 
CARDIAC DANCE!!! -you better be getting excited about this! 

If all goes as planned, we are hoping to do our own little rendition of this as a fun way of studying.  Don't worry your little hearts our lovely blog readers, we will be sure to video this event for you! 

As for now, we are really wanting to be lying on a beach...like this one...

somewhere very warm as we are experiencing major ineffective thermoregulation r/t extreme wind and excessive coldness. 

Well we better be going to find some heat before we turn into popsicles!

Love your frozen and frigid bloggers!

PS: check out NCF's National Website for a post about our local chapter's involvement and Haiti!  http://ncf-jcn.org/

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Someone get us a defibrillator because at the rate all these cardiac notes are going to give us a heart attack.  Since it's been such a crazy day, we decided to leave you with a video to make you smile.
 ...we kinda wish we could do this right now.  6 hours of sitting in class is a killer....
 ...dope nursing students we are...


Love your brain dead, bradycardic bloggers :]