"I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for He is right beside me." Psalm 16:8

Monday, September 19, 2011

a term for the books


So far this semester, we have gotten to do and see so much! Peds clinical has by far been one of our favorites!  Having a teacher that is so passionate about what she does and lives for has made a huge difference on our experiences in clinical.  We both agree that we have learned so much more than just skills and knowledge but life lessons that we will carry with us throughout our nursing career.  

In just a few weeks, we will sadly be leaving our peds rotation and moving on to OB..oh the wonder.  Our clinical will be in Baton Rouge and we are looking forward to helping bring new littles into the world.  :] 

We have a pretty big peds test this Wednesday and quite frankly ready to get it over with! Sheesh.... NCLEX Lady...  

In other news, we have been trying out other study locations such as different PJs and Books-A-Million.  We love trying out these new study abodes for it is a nice change of scenery.  
And even other exciting news: -drum-roll please-
Your local Nurse's Christian Fellowship chapter is coming back to life!  We are very excited about getting involved on campus and in the community both as student nurses and believers.  Our next meeting is a week from today and we will be electing officers and discussing opportunities we want to invest in.  We will surely keep you updated on this new adventure of ours! 
Well lovely blog readers, we gotta get ready to roll out!  Yay for quality time and long commutes!  Have a Marvelous Monday! 

Love your bubbly bloggers -Kelly and Aimee-       :]

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday night dates

Well readers, it's just another typical Friday night.  I'm spending time with Ball & Bindler and Wong.  Can I just say that these guys are lousy dates!  Sheesh!  They don't even know how to buy my PJs .... dates these days...  hahaa  :]  anywho, enough about my non-existent social life

This week hasn't been much of an exciting one.  Just the mundane seemingly endless commutes, late nights spent studying,  5am wake up calls for clinical, and just your typical nursing school frustrations in between.  
This weekend will be spent with our noses in the books, studying for our next peds exam.  

Hopefully soon we will update you on life (or lack there of)! 

Have a happy weekend faithful blog readers! 
-Aimee, Ball &Bindler, and Wong-  

Friday, September 9, 2011

simple smiles and magic bubbles

This week my clinical group was encouraged to think about how an ordinary nurse can do something extraordinary.  As this resonated with me in clinical this week, I was thinking on the broader spectrum of things- more heroic.  And then, without even realizing it, I learned how to do just this - how to go beyond ordinary in the smallest of things.  These small things may consist of stickers, coloring pages, stuffed animals, video games, fish, and lastly bubbles (in pediatrics, they are seriously like magic)  :]  I've realized that as a nursing student -especially in pediatrics- I can get so caught up in trying to do the "nurse-y" things and forget about how important it is to recognize the smallest of needs in the little ones.  I've realized how traumatic it is for a toddler to have to be hospitalized, and how much I can do as a nurse to ease that fear.  It made my day just to see my precious little one compose the smallest of smile.  Today I felt that rewarding feeling, the one that makes all the studying and paperwork and lack of a social life (hahaa) worth every minute of it.  Today I was proud to be a nursing student, knowing that even while I am still writing SLUSN behind my name, I have the power to make a difference in a child's life.      

Love y'all!