"I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for He is right beside me." Psalm 16:8

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break: Engage

Wanna know what we are doing right now?  

Sitting in lazy boys, painting our nails, and deciding which animated movie to watch!
Cannot think of anything else we would rather do in this moment!

We just got home from swing dancing up at Grounded Cafe! It was super fun and got to catch up with a lot of great people!

This week was definately a home stretch for us - we are both so thankful for this next week off from classes. Still have studying and stuff to get done, but no more BR traffic or clinical mornings when we beat the sunrise!

We had our last clinical this week for the semester - bittersweet for sure because we love being with patients, but we won't be missing that paperwork!

Well we are gonna go watch Up! now - so we will catch ya later! Most likely with an update on our Spring Break!

Love, Kelly and Aimee!

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