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Monday, March 21, 2011

Helloo Monday Morning...

 3/21/11 Manic Monday Nursing Notes
0615: Kelly wakes up.  Aimee resting comfortably in bed.  No distress noted.  Eyelids closed.  
0630: Kelly consumes 100% breakfast.  Aimee still resting comfortably in bed and in no apparent distress.  
0700: Kelly gets ready for the day.  Completes all ADLs per self.  Aimee drowsily awakes to turn off alarm clock and returns to restful sleep.  Denies pain or needs.  
0740: Kelly makes lunch and mentally prepares for a long and draining day.  Aimee wakes up FINALLY out of deep sleep.  Little distress noted considering we are leaving in 20 minutes.  
0815: Kelly and Aimee off to face another Manic Monday.   
0840: Baton Rouge Traffic is the 8th wonder of the world.  Will continue to assess during commute. 
0930: Arrive at our destination aka PJs Coffeehouse.  Cause of traffic still unknown. 
0945: King Cake Coffee = success.  We will surely make it through the day now! Will continue to assess VS as coffee may increase BP and HR.  No distress noted at present time.  
1000: Blogging vs. studying...hmmm... current nursing dx: Alteration in Decision Making Process r/t lack of motivation secondary to virtually impossible psych test as evidenced by barely passing previous tests.  Goals: Students will make a passing grade on Psych test #2 within 3/21/11.  Will implement studying intervention right after we finish blogging.  : ] 

Well, it's not even 1100 and what a day it has been! We are also scheduling for 4th semester classes today!?!  And everyone knows that nursing school scheduling week will be the next reality TV show.  LOL! 

Well readers, as much as we would like to continue procrastinating we gotta blast!! Gotta test to pass!

Have a great Manic Monday! (and week)
Aimee SLUSN and Kelly SLUSN
(SLU Student Nurse)

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