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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Over halfway!!

Hey guys! Its been forever since we have blogged, but the good news is we are over the hill of the hardest semester of nursing school! YAY! So what has been going on... lets see :]

We are currently in our psych clinical rotation. We were both unsure of what to expect going into it, and didn't really know if we would like it. But with one week left, we are not looking forward to it ending!
The patients there are seriously indescribable, and we have fallen in love with them! Being able to spend time with these patients one on one has really given us a whole new perspective on "mental illness". The type of learning that we have gained in the clinical setting is so different then what goes on in a classroom. We have been able to see the personality,  hilarious humor, and individuality of each one of the patients - and truly believe that this experience has allowed us to better view humanity and nursing in a holistic manner.

Next Tuesday is our last day there, and we are gonna throw a little going away party on the unit with all the guys. We have a feeling that they will be extremely excited because some of them have been asking about having a party since day one. haha. There may even be a little dancing - this could get interesting.

We have round two of exams coming up, so this weekend should be awesome! The last clinical rotation will be on an Oncology Unit, which we are looking forward to.

Oh yeah... we are scheduling for 4th semester on Monday - not only are we over halfway with this semester, we are over halfway with all of nursing school. This is weird.

We will do our best to keep blogging as we go, but we will leave you with a picture with our newest form of transportation to school. Helps a little with Baton Rouge traffic.

Love, Aimee and Kelly :]

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  1. YAY! You will be the best nurses ever!
    Love Aunt Jo